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We encourage bands, who are interested in playing in Ljubljana (Slovenia), to contact us!


Upcoming events:
21.11.2019 - Kadilnica of Death: Decage (Si), Licence to Hate (Si), Nature (Si)     ///         ///     04.12.2019 - Tribulation (Swe)     ///     05.12.2019 - Eluveitie (Swi), Lacuna Coil (Ita), Infected Rain (Mol)     ///     07.12.2019 - Leaves' Eyes (Ger), Sirenia (Nor), Forever Still (Dk), Lost in Grey (Fin), Asphodelia (Ita)     ///     12.12.2019 - Gwar (USA), Voivod (Can), Childrain (Spa)     ///     14.12.2019 - Plagiat na kvadrat: Faith No More by No More Faith (Si)     ///     15.12.2019 - Archspire (Can), Beneath the Massacre (Can), Vulvodynia (RSA), Inferi (USA)     ///     19.12.2019 - Kadilnica of Death: Morost (Si), Sarcom (Si), Brutart (si)     ///     27.12.2019 - Kadilnica of Death Extra: Space Unicorn On Fire (Si)     ///     10.02.2020 - Thy Art Is Murder (Aus), Carnifex (USA), Fit for an Autopsy (USA), I Am (USA)     ///     17.02.2020 - Obscura (Ger), God Dethroned (Nld), Thulcandra (Ger), Fractal Universe (Fra)     ///     08.03.2020 - Rings of Saturn (USA), Enterprise Earth (USA), Traitors (USA), Brand of Sacrifice (Can/USA)     ///     01.04.2020 - Krisiun (Bra), Gruesome (USA), Vitriol (USA)     ///     18.04.2020 - Loudness (Jap), Grey Attack (Ger), Thola (Swi)     ///     22.04.2020 - Igorrr (Fra), Author & Punisher (USA), Otto Von Schirach (USA)

Next event:

Kadilnica of Death: Decage (Si), Licence to Hate (Si), Nature (Si)

Drunk iN Public: The Mor(R)ons (Si), Start at Zero (Si), Toxic Rats (Si)