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ČETRTEK, 02.02.2023
Kadilnica of Death Extra: Deprivacija (Lit), Sign of the Devil (Slo)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice: 8 € pred 20h, 10 € po 20h
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Kadilnica of Death EXTRA!
Na tokratni KoD bomo gostili najnovejše varovance založbe On Parole – litvijske blackened-sludge post metalce DEPRIVACIJA. S svojo glasbo želijo prikazati nekoherentne mentalne motnje v koherentno glasbeno celoto. Pred njimi bodo oder ogreli domači death metalci SIGN OF THE DEVIL. Odličen paket za morbiden začetek morbidnega februarja.


Deprivacija An effort to translate deep incoherent mental disturbances into a coherent sonic experience.
Deprivacija @ Bandcamp
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Sign of the Devil Death metal band from Postojna, Slovenia.

Vocals: Boštjan Volk
Guitar: Vili Marinčič
Bass: Rok Kalister
Drums: Boštjan Vukadinovič
Sign of the Devil @ Bandcamp
Sign of the Devil @ Facebook
Sign of the Devil @ YouTube

02.02.2023 - Kadilnica of Death Extra: Deprivacija (Lit), Sign of the Devil (Slo) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PONEDELJEK, 06.02.2023
Twilight Force (Swe), Seven Spires (USA), Silver Bullet (Fin)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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Power heavy metal je bil vedno zelo zaželjen v Sloveniji, sploh z novejšimi velikimi skupinami kot so Powerwolf, Sabaton ipd. Tokrat bodo premierno v Sloveniji nastopili švedski Twilight Force. Pripravite se na epske power pesmi o zmajih, vitezih in čarovnicah!
Kot predskupina bodo nastopili ameriški Seven Spires in finski Silver Bullet!


Twilight Force Sharpen your swords, dust off your magic tomes, and brew your strongest potions. It is time to join Twilight Force on their quest for the eternal glory of the Twilight Kingdoms, once again. May the Power of the Dragon guide you!
Twilight Force @ Bandcamp
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Seven Spires Seven Spires are an American metal quartet from Boston, MA.
Since the band’s inception in 2013 at Berklee College of Music, these four best friends have forged their home in the darker corners of the melodic metal world with strikingly emotional filigree and relentless technical prowess. Known as much for their melancholic concept albums as their penchant for pushing genre limits, they draw influence from across the spectrum of metal and beyond, reaching ravenously into Jazz, Late Romantic era Orchestral Music, Cinematic soundscapes, and more.
Hailed as “One of the few, new, real personalities in metal” by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Kamelot, Epica, Masters of Ceremony) and "a uniquely exuberant and inventive new force in the increasingly interchangeable worlds of power, symphonic and traditional metal" by Dom Lawson (, Seven Spires have released the third installment of their concept album trilogy, titled "Gods of Debauchery", on September 10th, 2021, via Frontiers Music srl.
Their debut full-length, “Solveig”, saw performances at festivals including MetalDays ’17, ProgPower ’17, 70,000 Tons of Metal ’18, and others. After signing a worldwide deal with Frontiers Music srl, they released their second full-length, “Emerald Seas” on Valentine’s Day 2020, and were scheduled to tour North America with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum, and later with Amaranthe and Battle Beast. But, after just one show with Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum, the tour was cut short due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Heartbroken but as determined as ever, Seven Spires returned home, spending the next six months drafting what later became their third full-length album, "Gods of Debauchery".
Seven Spires Website
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Seven Spires @ ReverbNation
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Silver Bullet Silver Bullet’s inception dates back to the year 2008 when the band was founded under the name of Dirge Eternal and it was around this time that the quintet started carving its very own niche by basing their entire lyrics on the gloriously gory genre of horror movies. The first demos already served as ominous harbingers of the gloriousness that was to come, before former Dreamtale vocalist Nils Nordling and ex Turisas bass player Hannes Horma completed the pack and helped forging the full-length debut “Screamworks” that was released in mid-2016. The album’s guiding theme – classic horror movies – was masterfully transferred to the stage, with actors serving as zombie nurses, possessed little girls and even as a chainsaw-wielding lunatic, making Silver Bullet’s notoriously entertaining live shows an audiovisual experience in a class of its own. After an extensive and highly successful stretch of touring, the Finns will return with their second offering of powerfully orchestrated, riff-infused Symphonic Power Metal in 2019. Though the backdrop of horror flicks was left behind, “Mooncult” nevertheless serves as a real spine-chiller, offering a hauntingly thrilling plot set in the vastnesses of Scotland that is loosely based on a true story. Having teamed up with up-and-coming metal powerhouse Reaper Entertainment Europe, new shores of eerie excellence are just a knife’s throw away. Brace yourselves to be ripped apart by silver bullets of purest heavy metal!
Silver Bullet Website
Silver Bullet @ Bandcamp
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Silver Bullet @ YouTube

06.02.2023 - Twilight Force (Swe), Seven Spires (USA), Silver Bullet (Fin) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 24.02.2023
Wormrot (Sgp), Glista (Slo)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19:30
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 18 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 22 €
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In support of their latest album HISS, WORMROT will embark on an extensive 2-months tour with Gabriel Dubko of IMPLORE filling in as vocalist.
"We can't wait to get back on the road. It'll definitely be a new and interesting dynamic with Gabriel on board. Our shows will be as explosive as before, that I promise." - Rasyid Juraimi
Kot predskupina bodo nastopili domači Glista!


Wormrot Wormrot is a grindcore band from Singapore that focuses entirely on mini-releases like 2007's Dead and 2008's Bastardphobic EPs before unleashing a 23-song, 22-minute "full-length" with 2009's Abuse. The latter's startlingly infectious brutality duly attracted the attention of Earache Records, which reissued the album worldwide the following year. Notably, although early lineups included a bass player, Wormrot do without, obviously taking a page from Pig Destroyer by consisting solely of vocalist Arif, guitarist Rasyid, and drummer Fitri.
Wormrot's second album, their first recorded under the aegis of Earache, was 2011's Dirge, which toned down the metal influences for a crusty punk sound. After touring it, the band took a three-year hiatus, during which they continued to write. During this time, Fitri went missing and was dismissed from the band to be replaced by Vijesh Ghariwala. With an injection of fresh blood on board, Wormrot returned in 2016 with their third album, Voices, a quantum leap forward in terms of songwriting and production.
Wormrot @ Bandcamp
Wormrot @ Deezer
Wormrot @ Facebook
Wormrot @ Instagram
Wormrot @ Spotify
Wormrot @ Twitter
Wormrot @ YouTube


Glista A Grindcore superposition of punk and metal, reflecting a wide spectrum of influences that include many old school hc-punk, crust, death, thrash, black metal bands, in addition to some classical music and a pinch of disco.

Matija Majcen - Vocals
Alojz Rop - Guitars
Gašper Flere - Guitars
Rok Novak - Bass
Tilen Cijan - Drums
Glista @ Bandcamp
Glista @ Facebook
Glista @ YouTube

24.02.2023 - Wormrot (Sgp), Glista (Slo) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 03.03.2023
Tarja (Fin), Temperance (Ita), Serpentyne (UK)

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 32 €
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Kupi vstopnico
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Vrnitev vilinskega glasu
Glede na to, da živimo v res dinamičnih časih, bo 3. marec 2023 (!) takoj tu. In z njim bo v naše kraje prišla ena in edina Tarja Turunen.
Finka mogočnega glasu se je, kot že veste, proslavila v zasedbi Nightwish, s katero je posnela kar nekaj, danes že klasičnih symphonic metal plošč. A po precej mračnih okoliščinah, ki so nastopile ob njenem odhodu iz benda, se Finka ni vdala, temveč nadaljuje solo kariero, v sklopu katere je posnela 8 neverjetnih plošč - njena zadnja in trenutno aktualna plošča je izšla lani prek založbe earMusic, reče pa se ji In The Raw.
No, ''in the flesh'', če se lahko tako izrazimo, pa boste videli Tarjo Turunen 3. marca naslednje leto v Kinu Šiška, kjer bo pokazala, zakaj jo mnogi smatrajo za prvo damo svetovne symphonic metal scene.
Predskupini italjanski melodični power metalci Temperance in angleški simfonični metalci Serpentyne!
Vstopnice so že na voljo preko On Parole in Mojekarte, v Big Nose trgovini na Kolodvorski v Ljubljani in v Orto baru!


Tarja The brightest star of the symphonic rock scene, Tarja Turunen is certainly the most internationally well-known Finnish voice in the world of music. Soprano, composer and songwriter, she reached international fame co-founding and being for nine years the voice and image of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, collecting with them Gold and Platinum Record Awards in several countries.
The unique combination of metal music with Tarja’s soprano lead vocals gave birth to a new genre, quickly achieving critical and commercial popularity and inspiring many other metal bands and performers. But singing only somebody else’s creations was not her destiny, and her talent could fully bloom only outside that crate. Tarja had to walk alone.
Finally free to follow her own inspirations, heart, and dreams, Tarja started her own solo career successfully devoted to both classical and rock music.
Since 2005 she dedicates every December in bringing to Finland and also abroad the magic of her Christmas shows. The Christmas album Henkäys Ikuisuudesta achieved the double Platinum Record Award in Finland and was selected as the “Christmas album of the year” from all the local radio stations in the country. Tarja’s classical performances are not limited to Christmas shows, as she performed chamber music concerts with orchestras and different line-ups in many countries throughout the years. She also walked twice the famous opera stage of the Olavinlinna Castle at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in Finland, performing with Raimo Sirkia and José Cura. The latest outcome of Tarja’s deep love for classical music has been the recording at the Lakeuden Risti Church in Seinajoki, Finland, of her first classical studio album Ave Maria – En Plein Air, released internationally in 2015 and welcomed by ecstatic reviews.
Tarja’s flawless ability to blend rock and classical music found its perfect combination in her project Beauty and the Beat in collaboration with the American drummer Mike Terrana. Accompanied by symphonic orchestra and choir, the tour presented a unique program that included among others Puccini, Mozart, Bach, Led Zeppelin, Queen and her own songs. A step forwards after the successful experiences of Classic and Divine in Miskolc, Hungary in 2010 and at the Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic the same year, but not the last one. Tarja did once again share the stage with symphonic orchestra and choir for a special Orchestral Tour in Russia in March 2016 and in August of the same year she was also invited as soloist by Kymi Sinfonietta in Finland to open their autumn season with two concerts: at the Concert Hall in Kotka and open air in Kouvola for the Night of the Arts. The second concert gathered in the city centre over 15.000 people, marking the audience record for the orchestra and the concert attendance record for the event. In the most recent Christmas seasons Tarja also joined as special guest the famous Finnish project Raskasta Joulua (“Metal Christmas”), sharing arena stages all over Finland with well known Finnish artists like Marko Hietala and Tony Kakko, and international special guests like Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snider and Bernie Shaw.
In 2017 Tarja released a new and unexpected Christmas album: from Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas), giving a dark twist to the traditional and most popular Christmas carols. The album uniquely blends Tarja’s classically trained voice with darker gothic influences and reminds the listener of a dark movie score. After the release the Concerts for a Dark Christmas tour presented live the entire album, with symphonic orchestra and choir, with sold out concerts in Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia. The album has been released in a new special edition last year with the addition of the live album Christmas Together.
The unique synergy between Tarja’s classical and rock inspirations is fully expressed in her solo rock career, which officially started when her first solo studio album My Winter Storm was released internationally in 2007 in more than 80 countries by Universal Music, achieving Gold Record Awards in Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany and Platinum Record Awards in Finland and Russia. The successful and unanimously praised debut album was followed by What Lies Beneath in 2010 and Colours in the Dark in 2013. Tarja’s following rock album The Shadow Self was released in 2016 accompanied by its prequel The Brightest Void, both recorded in different parts of the world and release by earMusic. Before hitting the road with the worldwide The Shadow Shows tour, The Brightest Summer tour brought Tarja’s creation on the stages of the most important festivals all over Europe, including Woodstock in Poland where Tarja performed in front of her biggest audience so far: 500.000 people.
Tarja’s latest rock creation In The Raw, released in August 2019, is another important milestone in Tarja’s career: it not only fulfilled but even outdid the promises and high expectations created by her previous releases. The album finds Tarja going to raw, personal places in her lyrics, while immortalising her in a stunning gold outfit inside the St Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar on the album’s cover. “Gold, we think, is something polished and perfect, sophisticated, a luxury – but in its natural state it’s a raw element”, explains Tarja. Just like the music on the album: a combination of sophisticated and refined orchestration, choir and her classically trained voice with a raw, dark heavy musical core. In The Raw features Björn “Speed” Strid, Tommy Karevik and Cristina Scabbia as special guests and has been praised as “a very versatile album that shows Tarja is still capable of grabbing and holding our attention after all these years” (Aardschok) where “The sonic landscape is very well balanced and as usual Tarja uses her gracious soprano voice to maneuver through all of it.” (Lust For Life)
As her fans all over the world very well know, the brightest star shines even brighter when on a stage. For Tarja the chance of performing live on in front of her audience has been as important, if not more, as the work done in the studio, and she performed over one thousand shows worldwide during her career so far. Tarja’s rock concerts over the years have been immortalised in the live releases Act I, Act II and Luna Park Ride.
Act I is the combination of two concerts recorded and filmed at the El Círculo Theatre in Rosario, Argentina, in March 2012, and released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray later the same year. Welcomed by enthusiastic reviews, Tarja’s first rock live release “manages to successfully capture all of the magic behind her live performances.” (Lee Walker, Firebrand Magazine)
Act II followed six years later, filmed during the world tour The Shadow Shows that saw Tarja travel over 300.000 km and play over 200 shows in 40 countries in front of 1 million people. Act II brings together two very different but complementary performances. The first one is Metropolis Live, a very intimate set filmed and recorded live at the Metropolis Studio in London, UK, two months prior to the release of The Shadow Self. Twenty lucky winners from all over Europe had the privilege to listen Tarja perform songs from her then unreleased album – for the first time in front of an audience. The second one is the breathtaking live performance of the Shadow Shows concert in Milan, Italy, recorded and filmed on November 2016 at the magnificent Teatro della Luna. Even though the shows deliberately differ in look, sound, approach to the music and adrenalin, both have one thing in common: from the very first to the very last tune, the state of the art production displays Tarja’s energetic performance and her graceful, charming presence.
There has also been many collaborations and side projects for Tarja throughout the years, from the electronic project Outlanders, using texts and inspired by the writer Paulo Coelho to a tour with Alice Cooper. The classical project Noche Escandinava gave Tarja the unique chance to perform the works of classical Finnish composers in South America in 2003 and 2004 and once again in 2018. On the same year Tarja also shared the stage with the Finnish power metal band Stratovarius for the 21 shows of the European tour A Nordic Symphony. Tarja has successfully collaborated in recordings with Within Temptation, #1 Dutch Symphonic Rock band with more than 83 million views on YouTube with their song together Paradise (What About us?), the German #1 electronic artist Schiller with whom Tarja co-wrote a song pre-nominated for the Grammy Awards in USA, the Hard Rock legend Doro Pesch, the biggest Rock German selling artist of all times Scorpions and with British father of the acclaimed Tubular Bells Mike Oldfield with whom she co-wrote a song inspired and recorded in Antigua. Her latest collaborations have been with Schandmaul for the song Zu zweit allein and with Primal Fear for the single I Will Be Gone.
After the homonymous single was presented in 2011, the project Outlanders with Torsten Stenzel was finally ready to be digitally released in 2011… one single at the time. Outlanders combines electronic music with Tarja’s soft as well as classical vocals, electric and acoustic guitars. The three elements are a constant in all the songs and are equally important. The project features many special guests on guitar: Trevor Rabin, Al Di Meola, Joe Satriani, Walter Giardino, Vernon Reid, Bumblefoot, Mike Oldfield, Jennifer Batten, Marty Friedman and Steve Rothery.
Tarja was nominated for the Emma Award in Finland in 2006 and 2007 and for the Echo Award in Germany in 2007, and she is the first Finnish solo artist to achieve a Gold Record in Germany and even more, the only one to do it both in a band and as solo artist. In 2015 and 2016 she has also been busy starring as coach in two seasons of The Voice of Finland, which is the most watched TV-program from Channel 4 in Finland, and leading her team to victory for two years in a row, something that never happened before in the history of the Finnish show.
After over fifteen years of solo career, it was finally time to celebrate. The Best of Tarja: A Night To Remember, combined the best of Tarja’s prolific solo career in two extraordinary concerts in January 2020 in Czech Republic and Romania. For this epochal event Tarja invited 16 performers to share – one again, for most of them – the stage with her, celebrating years of music and friendship. Especially the second concert, filmed and recorded at the Metropolitan Circus in Bucharest, was something never seen before by Tarja’s fans, who flew from all over Europe to join the sold out unprecedented event. What they had the chance to experience was an enchanting and unique show performed on a round stage in the middle of the hall, with a 360° view of the centre stage that redefines the way the audience feels the music and interacts with the artist. A night her fans won’t easily forget.
While the Covid-19 global emergency put the Raw Tour on a forced hiatus, Tarja took the change to write her first book. Frustrated at not being able to perform live and see her fans during 2020 Tarja revisited the great times she’d had making music, performing live and meeting her fans. She looked through thousands of photos and recalled recording sessions, tours, photo sessions, conversations … and created Singing In My Blood. The book saw the light of day in 2021, published by Rocket 88, and has been so far translated also in Finnish and Portuguese.
Tarja Website
Tarja @ Facebook
Tarja @ Instagram
Tarja @ Spotify
Tarja @ Twitter
Tarja @ YouTube


Temperance TEMPERANCE is where exceptional vocal melodies, energetic Metal guitar riffing and symphonic atmospheres meet in perfect harmony. Led by a unique vocal triad, TEMPERANCE manages to unite heaviness with an impressive level of catchy melodies that will make you want to push the repeat button instantly.
Different from most Symphonic Metal bands, TEMPERANCE brings together no less than three vocalists, all adding their own style and flavor to the ensemble. The combination of Alessia Scolletti’s crystalline voice, the strong timbre of Michele Guaitoli and the rough vocals of mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino, make TEMPERANCE stand out completely. With Millions of Youtube views, hymns as ‘The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes’, ' My Demons Can't Sleep' or ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ seem to prove that point.
After releasing their vibrant fifth studio album, VIRIDIAN, in 2020, TEMPERANCE – maestros of modern melodic/symphonic metal – delight their devotees with the persuasive new offering Diamanti, to be released on November 19, 2021, via Napalm Records. With Diamanti, the exceptionally skilled Italian outfit once again showcases their extraordinary ability to merge brilliant vocal melodies, hefty power metal guitar riffing, and symphonic soundscapes in perfect harmony – all dressed in modern surroundings. This is an offering that fans of bands like Amaranthe will fall in love with immediately!
Diamanti was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe), with the cover artwork once again created by Yann Souetre (Ayreon).
Marco Pastorino (vocals, guitar) on the new album: "With Diamanti, we managed to combine our best qualities and selected the best TEMPERANCE songs so far. It's not our heaviest album, it's not our fastest work, but surely it's our favourite one so far!
We weren't necessarily supposed to record a new album only one year after Viridian, but luckily we made it! In this album you will find our trademarks: the vocal harmonies, the catchy melodies, but also epic stuff, strong arrangements, and long tracks - I am very proud of Diamanti and I am convinced we have written a bombastic album!
Touring history: Over the past four years the band performed more than 200 shows worldwide, including a full European tour supporting Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, another EU tour supporting Serenity, one Japan tour and finally two own headlining tours in Europe. On top of that, the band performed in support of Nightwish, Slipknot, Within Temptation among others!
In support of DIAMANTI, TEMPERANCE was chosen to be Special Guest on Tarja Turunen’s RAW Tour. The band is beyond thrilled and honored to support the Queen of Metal herself throughout the main European markets in 2022!
Temperance Website
Temperance @ Bandcamp
Temperance @ Facebook
Temperance @ Instagram
Temperance @ Spotify
Temperance @ Twitter


Serpentyne Serpentyne are a symphonic metal band from the UK.
Their music blurs the lines between folk, Celtic music and metal, creating a diverse and kaleidoscopic sound.
The band combines symphonic elements with female lead vocals and lyrics centered around myths, legends, historical figures and folklore.
Each song is an immersive listening experience, where the lyrics, music and attitude of the performers come together to perfection.
In addition to the band’s cinematic penchant for engaging storytelling, the quality of their productions is undeniable. The sound is crisp, direct and in the same class as the world’s most celebrated symphonic metal bands.
Maggiebeth, the lead singer, has a unique way of enticing the audience, showcasing a fantastic dynamic range, as well as matching the band’s intensity to perfection.
From hard-hitting and raw, to melodic and highly nuanced, Serpentyne are a metal band with a unique allure to their sound, and their quickly rising reputation speaks for itself.
Serpentyne Website
Serpentyne @ Bandcamp
Serpentyne @ Facebook
Serpentyne @ Instagram
Serpentyne @ SoundCloud
Serpentyne @ Twitter
Serpentyne @ Vimeo
Serpentyne @ YouTube

03.03.2023 - Tarja (Fin), Temperance (Ita), Serpentyne (UK) @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

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NEDELJA, 26.03.2023
Uada (USA), Afsky (Dk)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20:30
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 23 €
Cena vstopnice na dan kocnerta: 27 €
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Crepuscule Europa - Spring Tour 2023
Se še spomnite, ko so lani UADA peklensko zaključili festival v Tolminu! Tokrat prihajajo nazaj v klubski ambient! Z njimi danski AFSKY!


Uada Since their formation in 2014, Uada‘s rise has been meteoric. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the band quietly released their debut album, Devoid of Light in 2016 through and word of mouth quickly built from there: here was BLACK METAL writ large, classic and uncompromising but brimming with power, soul, and artistry, and all without bluster and bathos. Uada‘s debut album surely expanded the lexicon of the melodic black metal idiom, and the underground took notice.
Two years later came Cult of a Dying Sun, whereby the band further perfected their craft and compellingly took to the stage, their performances garnering as much acclaim as their recordings. During all this, more than the underground started to take notice; the name Uada was on the tongues of folks usually reticent to black metal.
In 2020, almost effortlessly, Uada fully perfect their craft and delivered Djinn. Simply titled but by no means simple in construction nor execution, Djinn builds upon the increasingly ambitious songwriting of its no-less-considerable predecessor, but pushes their dazzling artistry into nearly Technicolor landscapes of the Beyond.
Out of the pandemic darkness, UADA resumed live fire to play European Club and Festival shows during summer 2022, and are now looking to bring new audio visual energy with a new album in 2023.
Uada @ Bandcamp
Uada @ Deezer
Uada @ Facebook
Uada @ Instagram
Uada @ Spotify


Afsky Afsky, is Ole Luk's (also frontman in Solbrud) solo project, which is based on traditional black metal, mixed with elements of folk and doom as well as a mixture of wildness and melancholy.
Afsky saw the light of day back in the fall of 2015, when the first release, an EP of 3 tracks was self-released digitally and later on CD. A couple of month later, a music video single followed, which was later re-released on the EP in a vinyl edition by German Vendetta Records.
Afsky's first full-length "Sorg" (Grief) was released in 2017 on Vendetta Records as well; where Afsky's upcoming full-length "Ofte jeg drømmer mig død" (often i dream myself dead) is also released.
Although the band was not initially intended to be a live project, Afsky nevertheless ended up playing concerts throughout Europe and with names such as Endstille, Auda, Moonsorrow, Winterfylleth, etc. . Most recently on the Europe tour in 2019, with Canadian Spectral Wound from Montreal.
With him, Ole Luk has different musicians from the Danish metal scene, and not always the same crew. On drums Martin Haumann (Mother of All, Final Hour, Essence mf), Simon Frenning (Morild), Dennis Stockmar (Hydra), on guitar Simon Skotte (Sunken), Christian Friis (Serpents Lair, Gestapolis), Rasmus Ejlersen (Udånde, Hexis) There have also been guest appearances from eg. Myrkur and Troels Dueholm from Asynje and Huldre.
The upcoming album "Ofte jeg drømmer mig død" is written from a number of old Danish poems and texts by artists such as H.C. Andersen, Jeppe Aakjær and Emil Aarestrup, and can be seen, partly as a tribute, to the Danish lyric and the Danish poets, which Ole Luk so often in his own texts, have been inspired by, in both Afsky and Solbrud.
The record has 6 titles and a playing length of 48 minutes. It is released May 12 through Vendetta Records and has the same day release in Copenhagen with a concert on Alice.cph.
The cover image is H.A. Bredekilde's painting "Udslidt" (Worn out). The motif of this painting fits well with several of the selected texts for the record, which is precisely about the little man, who must work until he dies, for the highter classes in society.
Afsky @ Bandcamp
Afsky @ Deezer
Afsky @ Facebook
Afsky @ Instagram
Afsky @ SoundCloud
Afsky @ Spotify
Afsky @ YouTube

26.03.2023 - Uada (USA), Afsky (Dk) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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SOBOTA, 15.04.2023
Loudness (Jap), Grey Attack (Ger), Thola (Swi)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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15. aprila se bomo priklonili samurajem heavy metala, ki prihajajo, da bi nam pokazali, kako deluje metal na Daljnem Vzhodu. V Ljubljano namreč prihajajo legendarni Loudness.
Loudness so eden najbolj znanih japonskih metal bendov. Bend že od samega začetka vodi vizionar, metal bojevnik in kitarski samuraj Akira Takasaki, katerega ustvarjalnost res nima meja - to se kaže tudi v odličnem albumu Rise To Glory, ki ga promovirajo tudi v letu 2020 in zaradi katerega bodo prišli v Evropo, potovali po Aziji ter se ustavili tudi v Avstraliji. Kvartet je začel metalizirati leta 1981 in so bili prvi japonski metal bend, ki je igral recimo v ZDA oziroma deloval pod okriljem ameriške založbe. They kick ass!!! Če je verjeti internetu, so izdali več kot 20 studijskih albumov, ves čas pa so ostali zvesti pristnem heavy metalu, ki je epski, udaren, bombastičen in catchy. V živo smo jih nekaj let nazaj videli tudi na festivalu Metaldays, kjer so pokazali, kako se zadevi streže.
Z njimi bodo nemški Grey Attack ter švicarski Thola.
Vstopnice so že na voljo!


Loudness Loudness was formed in 1981 by Akira Takasaki, Munetaka Higuchi, and Hiroyuki Tanaka who were transitioning from rock band Lazy to trying their hand at a heavy metal band, unhappy with the musical direction of Lazy. Shortly after formation, however, Tanaka quit the band to pursue a career in anime soundtracks with the band Neverland. In turn, Takasaki recruited childhood friend Masayoshi Yamashita as the new bassist and shortly after hired frontman Minoru Niihara formerly of Earthshaker through an audition.
In 1985 following the band's first North American and European tours Twisted Sister's co-manager Joe Gerber helped Loudness ink a deal with Atco Records. This was the first time in history that a Japanese heavy metal band had signed with an American label, or toured the US, and under Atco, the band released their American debut Thunder in the East which was met with good sales and commercial success reaching #74 on the Billboard 200 and remained there for 23 weeks, also a first for a Japanese metal band. After two more albums and two more Billboard appearances, producer Max Norman suggested that the band hire an English speaking vocalist which would end up being Michael Vescera. Vescera would serve as vocalist for the next two Loudness albums before leaving in 1991 to join Yngwie J. Malmsteen.
Following a steady decline in popularity through the Vescera era, Loudness returned to Japan where Masayoshi Yamashita also left the band. He was replaced by Taiji Sawada of X Japan fame. But by 1993 Sawada quit to form Dirty Trashroad followed by founding member Munetaka Higuchi who joined Niihara's new band Sly leaving Takasaki as the only original member left. Later that year Loudness introduced replacement members Masaki Yamada and Hirotsugu Homma of Ezo on vocals and drums, and finally Naoto Shibata, band leader of Anthem on bass essentially turning Loudness into a supergroup. This lineup would release three albums before Yamada indicated his desire to leave the band in 2000.
Before leaving, Yamada suggested that Loudness hold a reunion tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary and by 2001 Higuchi, Niihara, and Yamashita had all returned to the lineup where they would remain for the next 7 years until the death of Munetaka Higuchi which was mourned greatly throughout Japan.
In 2009, the band indicated that they wouldn't be disbanding despite the passing of Higuchi and hired Masayuki Suzuki to fill the void left due to Higuchi's passing. Loudness remains active to date.
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Grey Attack Grey Attack was founded in 2013 with the dedication to follow the grey side of rock.
That means that hard and heavy riffs collide with the authentic unrivaled voice of Grey Charlez the “architect of rock”.
Grey Attack serves the full sound. Punchy, sometimes dirty and dark sometimes spheric-melancholic sometimes brutal.
Grey Attack is a real live experience. The guys shared the stages throughout Europe with Loudness, Anvil, Bonfire, Y&T, ATSC, Freedom Call, The Calling and Robin Beck.
Inspiring reviews are to find in music-mags like Rockhard, Rock It, Breakout, Legacy and Sonic Seducer.
“Afterworld” is the forthcoming third album. It contains not just a cluster of several tracks. The recurrent theme is transience and death till the final live-affirming song.
Grey Attack -- A kick in the ass with love --
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Thola tHOLA, which means ‘wolf’ in an ancient east-Indian language, is a Swiss Melodic Speed/Power Metal band. The band was formed late 2016, initiated by the main Songwriter and general Mastermind, Rolf ‘Rodo’ Studer.
Rodo’s vision was to get the very best musicians and to create fast and powerful metal, interjected with technical and progressive elements. With Rodo’s reputation for being an outstanding musician and an ‘out-of-the-box’ songwriter, it did not take much convincing for drummer Sven Imsand, Bassist Thommy Ambiel and vocalist extraordinaire, Fredy Salzmann to join the new band.
Two songs, Screaming World and Digital Time, were written and recorded within weeks. Already during this processes, it became very clear, that in order to make tHOLA’s music as powerful and heavy as we had set as our goal, we needed a second Guitarist. There was really only one name that came to mind, a guitarist, even though he hadn’t played live in quite some time, who had exactly what we needed, what we wanted, what we were looking for, Patrick Ambord. Patrick, with his very unique style, with his technique and his enthusiasm, was in the band before we had the chance to finish our proposal; a big fat YES, Let’s do it!
With that, the tHOLA line-up was complete and we were ready to write and record songs. The recording part is necessary, because tHOLA’s drummer, Sven, lives in Spain and we use the recordings to rehearse individually.
Within a few months, through extremely hard work and total commitment by all band-members, we had together a just under two hour set. tHOLA’s debut concert was to be held in one of the finest Music-Clubs in Switzerland, the famous Moshpit in Switzerland. After an intense one week band rehearsal in Switzerland, we hit the stage and were overwhelmed by the reaction from the audience. It did not take long, and we had the over two hundred people attending, moshing and headbanging. It was a night to remember.
Since then, the band toured Eastern Europe, visiting Countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia, together with two Swedish Metal bands; toured with OTEP through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the UK and Belgium and played several shows in Switzerland.
In May, 2019, the band parted ways with their Singer, Fredy. It was a mutual decision, the main reason being that the band wanted to invest more time, sweat and blood in our music.
We were worried. How and where the hell would we find, not just a replacement, but someone who would front tHOLA, the way we’ve always envisioned with a voice, that matches our unique sound. We flooded the web, filling out countless forms on music boards and not sleeping at all for a couple of days. Turns out, none of this was necessary, all it took, was one phone call; a phone call, to the one person, we were looking for, Mr. Thomi Rauch. Thomi was and is, exactly what we were dreaming of, what we wanted. Thomi’s voice blew our minds right away and even though, most of our ‘looking for singer’ ads haven’t even been activated, we stopped it all, because, we had our Man.
With Thomi fronting tHOLA, there is no stopping us and trust me, hear us, see us, experience us and you know what I mean.
THOLA stands for uncompromising, fast, heavy, sometimes very playful Metal, with a twist here and there; pure Metal Circus.
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15.04.2023 - Loudness (Jap), Grey Attack (Ger), Thola (Swi) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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Tolminator Metal Fest 2023

Sotočje Tolminke in Soče, Tolmin
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Tolmin, Slovenia


25.-29.07.2023 - Tolminator Metal Fest 2023 @ Sotočje Tolminke in Soče, Tolmin

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PONEDELJEK, 28.08.2023
Blue Öyster Cult (USA)

Media Center, Ljubljana
Začetek: 21h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 60 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 65 €
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Kupi vstopnico
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Blue Öyster Cult je ameriška rock skupina, ustanovljena leta 1972 v Stony Brooku v New Yorku. Za sabo imajo kar nekaj zimzelenih singlov »(Don't Fear) The Reaper«, »Burnin 'for You«, »Godzilla«, »Cities On Flame«,... Po vsem svetu so prodali kar 25 milijonov plošč. Njihovi glasbeni videospoti, zlasti "Burnin 'for You", so se ob premieri glasbene televizijske mreže MTV (1981) pogosto vrteli, s čimer so prispevali k razvoju in uspehu glasbenega videa v sodobni popularni kulturi.
Skupina Blue Öyster Cult, ki jo že kar 51 let vodita originalna člana Eric Bloom in Buck Dharma, je kultna, ne samo zaradi uporabe besede 'Cult' v svojem imenu. Glasbeno so jih opredeljevali že kot heavy metal, psihedelični rock, okultni rock, biker boogie, acid rock in progressivni rock. Med drugim so bili tudi imenovani kot eni izmed pionirjev stoner metala.
Kot vplivno skupino na svojo glasbo, jih je imenovalo kar nekaj sodobnih skupin: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Alice in Chains, HIM, Turbonegro, The Cult, Queens of the Stone Age, Twisted Sister, Steel Panther, Green River (kasneje Mudhoney), Body Count, Possessed, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Opeth, White Zombie, Kvelertak, Fates Warning, Iced Earth,... Nedvomno so pustili svoj pečat v rock glasbi.
Zapuščina Blue Öyster Cult je ogromna in redko kdaj se vidi tako skupino pri nas. Po 50. letih koncertiranja je skupina precej omejila nastope v živo, tako da bodo leta 2023 izvedli le dva koncerta v Evropi, enega v Ljubljani! Rezervirajte si datum - 28. avgust v novi dvorani MEDIA CENTER pri Cvetličarni!
O novi dvorani MEDIA CENTER: Leta 2023 Cvetličarna praznuje okroglih 20 let obratovanja in prav na ta jubilej bo zravn nje zrastla nova multifunkcijska dvorana za 3000+ obiskovalcev pod imenom MEDIA CENTER.
Cvetličarna ne gre nikamor in ostaja z vami le da bo zraven nje stal njen veliki brat, kjer bo možno slišati bande, ki si jih do sedaj zaradi manjše kapacitete v Cvetličarni nismo mogli delati.


Blue Öyster Cult For over five decades, Blue Öyster Cult has been thrilling fans of intelligent hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with classic songs. Indeed, the Long Island, NY-­‐based band is revered within the hard rock and heavy metal scene for its pioneering work. Blue Öyster Cult occupies a unique place in rock history because it's one of very few hard rock/heavy metal bands to earn both genuine mainstream critical acclaim as well as commercial success.
The band is often cited as a major influence by other acts such as Metallica, and BÖC was listed in VH1's countdown of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.
Upon the release of BÖC's self-­‐titled debut album in 1972, the band was praised for its catchy-­‐yet-­‐heavy music and lyrics that could be provocative, terrifying, funny or ambiguous, often all in the same song. BÖC's canon includes three stone-­‐cold classic songs that will waft through the cosmos long after the sun has burned out: The truly haunting "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" from 1976's Agents of Fortune, the pummeling "Godzilla" from 1977's Spectres and the hypnotically melodic "Burnin' for You" from1981's Fire of Unknown Origin. Other notable BÖC songs include "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll," "Then Came the Last Days of May," "I Love the Night," "In Thee,""Veteran of the Psychic Wars," "Dominance and Submission," "Astronomy," "Black Blade" and "Shooting Shark."
The intense creative vision of BÖC's original core duo of vocalist/lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Eric Bloom are complemented by Richie Castellano on guitar and keyboards, and the longtime rhythm section of bass guitarist Danny Miranda, and drummer Jules Radino.
We realized we're a 'classic rock' band. That's what we are, that's what we do best, and that’s what we know. The band members are proud of BÖC's classic sound, and pleased the band is creating vibrant work for disenfranchised music lovers who don't like the homogenized, prefabricated pop or sound-­‐alike, formulaic rap-­‐metal, which monopolizes the radio airwaves and best-­‐seller charts.
BÖC has always maintained a relentless touring schedule and an album of new material THE SYMBOL REMAINS was released October 9th 2020 to rave reviews.
Blue Öyster Cult Website
Blue Öyster Cult @ Facebook
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28.08.2023 - Blue Öyster Cult (USA) @ Media Center, Ljubljana

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