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PONEDELJEK, 22.08.2022
Christian Death (USA)

Channel Zero, Metelkova, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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Evil Becomes Rule turneja
V Ljubljano se po zelo dolgem času vračajo Christian Death!
Christian Death so začeli svojo pot leta 1979 v Los Angelesu, vendar so se člani zasedbe ustalili v tej formaciji šele 1985. Gre za ene izmed pionirjev gothic rocka in prav tako eni izmed prvih, ki so ameriško občinstvo, poleg z imenom skupine, prav tako šokirali s tematikami v tekstih – blasfemija, morbidnost, droge in seksualna perverzija.
Mnoge znane skupine, so potrdile vpliv, ki so ga Christian Death imeli na njih: Celtic Frost, Danzig, Cradle of Filth, Paradise Lost, Korn, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson, Jane's Addiction,...
... del glasbene zgodovine, ki jo bo moč videti in slišati 22. avgusta v Channel Zero!


Christian Death "The founding fathers of American goth rock, Christian Death took a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that made Marilyn Manson look like Stryper. Regardless of who was leading or performing in the group, Christian Death set themselves up to shock, both in their cover art and their lyrics, which wallowed in blasphemy, morbidity, drug use, and sexual perversity. Their self-consciously controversial tactics set them apart from the British goth scene, having more to do with L.A. punk and heavy metal, and thus the band dubbed its sound "death rock" instead; however, their sensibility was ultimately similar enough that the "goth" designation stuck in the end. Their music also relied on slow, doomy, effects-laden guitar riffs and ambient horror-soundtrack synths, and their theatrical performances were strongly influenced by British glam rockers like David Bowie and Roxy Music, as well as industrial provocateurs Throbbing Gristle. The latter was especially true of the band's first incarnation, led by vocalist and founder Rozz Williams, - When Williams left in 1985, guitarist Valor Kand took over leadership and sent the group in a more intellectual, political, and metal-oriented direction. A subsequent dispute over ownership of the Christian Death name, - lead many of their fans to take sides. - Christian Death had an enormous influence on the American goth scene, shaping the sensibility of countless goth, metal, and even industrial acts that followed. Sadly, the Kand-Williams dispute ended in tragedy in 1998, when a heroin-addicted Williams took his own life.” ~ Steve Hue VH1, ROLLING STONE
There has been a ridiculously huge revolving door of membership in the Los Angeles band known as Christian Death. In the beginning, not long after the local California release of the first album, “Only Theatre of Pain”, the band irrevocably and formally broke up. This left “Rozz”, at home with his overtly religious parents in Pomona California, to contemplate his insufferable boredom, his only relief being found on the pages of his lyrics. After being invited to the record release party for “Pompeii 99”a band already enjoying success in L.A., where Rozz met band leader, singer and guitarist “Valor”. Before long they were inseparable friends and Rozz was invited to join Pompeii 99. Together as Pompeii 99, while rehearsing for a planned European tour, the head of a French record label that Valor had been negotiating with, proposed the notion of renaming his band Christian Death. Neither Valor nor Rozz wanted to entertain this, however, the incentives proposed by the label eventually prevailed and thus Pompeii 99 was reborn as Christian Death . The second Christian Death album, “Catastrophe Ballet”, which resulted from this deal, was recorded in Wales UK, (a place where several future Christian Death albums were also to be born). A month before the release of Catastrophe Ballet, the French label head released a compilation which he called “Deathwish” comprised of previously recorded, unreleased outtakes and single tracks he had licensed.
Recording the second album was followed by the very first Christian Death tour which began in Paris and on to most European countries. The emotional stress of this first tour was hard on Rozz causing him to return to Los Angeles months before the other members that remained in Europe. Upon Valor’s return to Los Angeles, work began immediately on the third album, “Ashes”. Meanwhile, the release of a “live” album called “The Decomposition of Violets” recorded in Hollywood was also released.”
After the release of Ashes the following year, plans were underway for the second European tour when, Rozz, just weeks before the first scheduled date in Italy, announced his plans to quit the band. With no intention of cancelling the tour, Valor returned to lead vocals, the bass player became the guitarist and the guitar tech became the bass player and the tour proceeded as planned but without Rozz.
Now fronted by Valor, they left California and settled in London England which they used as a base to tour Europe relentlessly in the midst of controversy, riots, bomb threats and protests by extremist Christian groups. Many concerts were canceled as a result of direct pressure by influential religious organizations.
From England a further “nine studio albums” and four live albums were released in the territories of England, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and USA with each release in each territory having different art work, configurations and bonus tracks. Among these releases was the critically acclaimed album “Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ” which depicted Jesus shooting heroin and the single “Church Of No Return” which went to No.12 in the UK charts which landed the band numerous spots on MTV, VH1, Super Channel, BBC and countless other Euro television and radio shows. Meanwhile in the USA, Christian organizations began burning their albums in public and on Christian Television networks.
In 1994 Valor relocated Christian Death to the USA centered around himself and Maitri on bass and vocals. “He returned with 1994's Sexy Death God, which many longtime fans greeted as his best and tightest effort in quite some time.”~ Steve Hue VH1
Once again based in the USA, for the first time, it was possible to do full North American tours, of which there were many, which also included Mexico where the live album “Amen” was recoded at the first ever show in Mexico City for Century Media. Later to be followed by the studio album: “Pornographic Messiah” which was also recorded in Mexico, then mixed in Holland.
“In 2000, they added drummer Will "Was" Sarginson (ex-Cradle of Filth and Blood Divine) and toured Europe alongside Britain's Cradle of Filth, one of the more popular black metal bands of their time. The two groups got along well enough for several Cradle members to guest on Christian Death's 2001 album Born Again Anti Christian, helping it become one of the most metallic records in their catalog.
The following year, female vocalist and bassist Maitri, by then the second most continuous member of Christian Death, issued her black metal-influenced solo album “Lover of Sin” (confusingly labeled on the cover as "Christian Death Presents..."). In 2003, Cradle of Filth guitarist Gian Pyres officially joined Christian Death for their European tour.” ~ Steve Hue VH1
In response to the post 911 period, the album “American Inquisition” recorded on Season Of Mist was the offering. The tours for this album included new territories for the band: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador. Australia, and New Zealand. Around this time Christian Death released multitrack versions of several songs for the “Rock Band” video game series as well at that time bootleg figurines of both Rozz and Valor began to appear.
In 2012 Maitri released the album second Lover Of Sin album ”Horny Beast” the project featured members of Nile, Morbid Angel and other popular Death Metal Bands.
2013 full tour of The Americas into 2014, with a full back catalogue digital global release. Culminating the year at "Hellfest" supporting "Kiss", "Rob Zombie" and "Limp Biscuit".
With the 2015 Release of the album “The Root of All Evilution”, and the tour for that album which began that Autumn in Europe through into North America in 2016 and again returning to Europe and finishing in Israel.
The song “Between youth”, re-released in 2017 was featured in the Vice TV series on HBO “Balls Deep”.
Later in Autumn 2017, Christian Death completed the longest North America Tour to date. The tour included “Lords of Acid”, Combichrist, En Esch, Night Club.
Touring in 2018, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. USA West Coast mini tour, including Cloak and Dagger Festival Los Angeles
2019 European Tour - England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia
2021 USA Mini tour due to Covid 19
2021/2022 Scheduled re-release of all 16 studio albums on vinyl’s and cd all new Special editions.
2022 Release of the All New album “Evil Becomes Rule” on Season Of Mist
2022 World Tour
Christian Death Website
Christian Death @ Bandcamp
Christian Death @ Facebook
Christian Death @ Instagram
Christian Death @ Twitter
Christian Death @ YouTube

22.08.2022 - Christian Death (USA) @ Channel Zero, Metelkova, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 02.09.2022
Earsplitter: Stillbirth (Ger), Gutslit (Ind), Organectomy (NZ)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 20h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 18 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 22 €
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Po koncu poletne vročine in festivalov nas bodo v Orto baru pričakali nemški slammerji STILLBIRTH, ki bodo s podporo indijskih Gutslit in novozelandskih Organectomy poskrbeli, da se po dopustovanju dodobra pretegnete in razgibate vratne mišice. Brutal death + Slam + Grindcore = 100% PARTY!


Stillbirth Are you ready for the total destruction? Stillbirth is coming like a tsunami and will smash your ears after a few seconds. Nasty Blastbeats, heavy grooves and sick slams combined with the stageenergy of 10 raging Bulls. Get your beachshorts on because it’s surftime. With a blunt in one Hand and a girl on the back through the storm. Total madness is awaiting you.
Stillbirth from Hagen / Germany was founded in 1999 by former Guitarist Lukas Swiaczny and plays a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore. In 2002 Stillbirth released it s first CD “Happy Stillbirth Party”. After personal changes and a break between 2004 and 2007, Stillbirth came back and participated with a new Lineup and crushing songs on the split CD’s “Supreme Brutal Legions 3” (Vrykoblast Recs / Singapore) and “Soldiers of Death” (Deathstar Recs. /USA)
With “Plakative Agressionen” their second long play record was released in 2009 (Rotten Roll Rex / Germany). That year Stillbirth also conquered the stages of Eastern Europe for the first time. For the next 2 years the Band spent time touring and promoting the record until they released the 3rd album “Endgame is Near” (Deafground Recs./ Germany) in 2011.
In 2015 Stillbirth released their 4rth album “Global Error” (Rising Nemesis Records) . After the release of “Global Error” Stillbirth went on Full USA Tour. Two months later Stillbirth entered the stages on a full Europe Tour.
A milestone was done, while Stillbirth signed a contract with “Unique Leader Records” from USA. The 5th Album “Annihilation of Mankind” was the next step in the Stillbirth History. Stillbirth’s next Album “Back to the Stoned Age” will be released inAugust 2019 and it will be a rerecording of the best songs from the previouse cd’s.
Stillbirth @ Bandcamp
Stillbirth @ Deezer
Stillbirth @ Facebook
Stillbirth @ Instagram
Stillbirth @ ReverbNation
Stillbirth @ Spotify
Stillbirth @ Twitter
Stillbirth @ YouTube


Gutslit GUTSLIT is a critically acclaimed extreme metal band reigning from Mumbai, India. The quartet display cut-throat musical precision and blistering speeds meshed with their intense song writing. GUTSLIT has adapted various styles of death metal and grind core into their own brutal array of grinding riffs, pummeling blasts, vicious bass grooves and chilling gutturals. Thus, making GUTSLIT the finest and filthiest extreme band to hail from India.
In 2007, the journey began when four like-minded musicians came together in search of something that would stand out and not only hit the mark, but eat it alive. GUTSLIT spent the first years of their career relentlessly playing their instruments and fine-tuning their craft. After dedicating two years to developing their sound, GUTSLIT released their debut music on a split album titled "Contorted Mutilation" (Cataleptic Remains Prds) with French goregrind veterans PULMONARY FIBROSIS. The reviews and feedback on the debut were welcoming and primed GUTSLIT for great things. Rolling Stone India said it well in an article headline, "How Mumbai brutal death metal band GUTSLIT turned into one of the most intense live acts in the country".
GUTSLIT was locked and loaded as they made their live debut supporting the legendary PUTRID PILE in early 2010. GUTSLIT's live show made an impression on the heavy metal community and opened up new opportunities for the band to perform on numerous occasions including, MEATFEAST, INDEPENDENCE DEATH FEST, ENTOMBED METAL FEST and more.
GUTSLIT spent 2010-2012 promoting their debut release, relentlessly playing live and preparing for the release of their sophomore album. This album, titled "Skewered in the Sewer" would be the bands first full-length, released worldwide by Ghastly Records and Coyote Records in 2013. The album showcased GUTSLIT's potential and gave listeners exactly what they were anticipating. "Skewered in the Sewer" showcases nine gut-wrenching tracks including a guest vocal feature by Malika Sundaramurthy of ABNORMALITY on the track "Circumsized With a Chainsaw".
The release of "Skewered in the Sewer" was exactly what was needed to not only get wide spread attention, but to also get GUTSLIT booked on numerous international live appearances. The band went on to appear at festivals such as, OBSCENE EXTREME FEST, DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR, BIG 69 FEST, BANGALORE OPEN AIR, BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL and more. GUTSLIT was the first band from India to appear at prestigious international festivals such as OBSCENE EXTREME, DEATHFEST OPEN AIR and BRUTAL ASSAULT FESTIVAL.
In 2015, GUTSLIT went out on their first European tour called the BRUTAL GROOVES 'N' GRINDING MOVES EUROPEAN TOUR with STILLBIRTH, SPLATTERED and CREPITATION. The tour spanned across several countries and established solid ground for GUTSLIT throughout new territories. GUTSLIT would share the stage with many notable acts such as CANNIBAL COPRSE, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, MISERY INDEX, CATTLE DECAPITATION, MARDUK, BELPHEGOR, THE HAUNTED, CARNIFEX and many more.
As GUTSLIT completed a successful cycle for the debut full-length, it was time to step things up for their sophomore album. Appropriately titled "Amputheatre", it was released by Transcending Obscurity Records in 2017. Metal Injection gave it 8/10, New Noise Magazine a 4.5/5 and many others such as No Clean Singing, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, The Toilet Ov Hell, Dead Rhetoric, Rolling Stone India and others had strong praise on the album and direction of GUTSLIT. Critics have agreed and rated "Amputheatre" as the best brutal death metal album from India.
The cover art for "Amputheatre" is a remarkable work created by the one and only Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, HATEBREED, ATHEIST, SOULFLY, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, THY ART IS MURDER). Eliran's vivid visions paired with GUTSLIT's twisted themes was a perfect match to give fans an extremely grotesque visual presentation of the album. For the audio element, GUTSLIT brought in Victor Bullok (DARK FORTRESS, TRIPTYKON, PESTILENCE, OBSCURA) to master the album and ensure an intense delivery of the final material.
GUTSLIT went on to promote the album in Europe alongside STILLBIRTH, CARNIVORE DIPROSOPUS and SPLATTERED on the AMPUTHEATRE EUROPEAN 2017 ALBUM LAUNCH TOUR. The tour stopped at DEATHFEAST OPEN AIR and MEH-SUFF METAL FEST adding prime festival exposure to the album release and tour. The European excursion was followed shortly after by the AMPUTHEATRE INDIA 2017 ALBUM LAUNCH TOUR with BENIGHTED.
In the summer of 2018, GUTSLIT partnered up with manager MARK MÜLLER from the United States who previously worked with bands such as INTERNAL BLEEDING, THY ANTICHRIST, ABIOTIC, SOREPTION, ATHEIST, CURRENTS, EMPYREAN THRONE, BEGAT THE NEPHILIM and others. Putting this additional force and team effort behind GUTSLIT has strengthened the powerhouse and primed the band for more future opportunities.
Gutslit @ Bandcamp
Gutslit @ Deezer
Gutslit @ Facebook
Gutslit @ Instagram
Gutslit @ ReverbNation
Gutslit @ Spotify
Gutslit @ Twitter
Gutslit @ YouTube


Organectomy Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, 'Organectomy' have been at the forefront of New Zealand's Slam and Death Metal scenes since first hitting the stage back in 2010.
Hailing as the brainchild of Bassist Tyler Jordan, Drummer Jae Hulbert, Vocalist Alex Paul, and Guitarists Sam McRobert and Ashton Moore, Organectomy's unique brand of 'Slamming Death Metal' incorporates aspects of Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Atmospheric Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Slam into a twisted amalgamation of pure, sickening brutality.
With a couple of demos, an EP, and shows all over New Zealand under their belt, the band released their debut full length album, Domain of the Wretched, on December 17th, 2017. The album was re-released with Unique Leader Records at the beginning of 2018.
Following this release, Organectomy quickly saw an overwhelmingly large amount of positive feedback and reviews globally. Soon after, the band signed to American Extreme Metal label, Unique Leader Records.
Having gained a lot of traction online and within the local New Zealand metal scene, Organectomy found themselves being given the opportunity to support larger local and international metal acts, such as: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire, Aborted, Rivers of Nihil, Beyond Creation, Vulvodynia, and Depths.
Organectomy released their sophomore album, Existential Disconnect, in June 2019 through Unique Leader Records, with the addition of Matthew Bolch and Levi Sheehan as new band members.
Soon after this release, Organectomy embarked on a 28-day North American tour with several other international and US-based bands. This tour took the band to many new markets, including New York, Toronto, Atlanta, San Diego, Chicago, among many others.
Following their North American tour, Organectomy have partaken in several festivals and multiple hometown live shows. During the start of 2021, Organectomy began work on their 3rd album. With new members and fresh ideas, they hoped to bring about a new era for the band.
Organectomy released their third album, Nail Below Nail, on July 8th, 2022 through Unique Leader Records. To support the album’s release, the band is embarking on multiple tours globally, including a headlining album release tour of New Zealand and an ambitious EU tour packed with festival appearances.
Organectomy Website
Organectomy @ Bandcamp
Organectomy @ Facebook
Organectomy @ Instagram
Organectomy @ ReverbNation
Organectomy @ Spotify
Organectomy @ Twitter
Organectomy @ YouTube

02.09.2022 - Stillbirth (Ger), Gutslit (Ind), Organectomy (NZ) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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SREDA, 28.09.2022
Pallbearer (USA), Elder (USA), Irist (USA)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 22 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 25 €
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Za vse fane naših Riffeaterjev - stoner, doom, progresivni rock,... tole bo rohnel!


Pallbearer Pallbearer are back with new album, Forgotten Days. Carefully plotted throughout 2019, the quartet's fourth long-player eschews the compositional maximalism that hoisted predecessor Heartless aloft for the heaviest groove and the most visceral hooks to come out of the Arkansans to date. Spread across eight towering tracks, Forgotten Days sees Pallbearer embracing their roots again, but this time with a doom-infused metallic spark that's infectious and transcendent. This album is everything a Pallbearer fan could love; raw and riveting evolution, filled with emotion, and the unique downcast exuberance that has defined the band's storied career.
Pallbearer have found the perfect musical economy on Forgotten Days. The quartet—comprised of Brett Campbell (vocals/guitars), Devin Holt (guitars), Joseph D. Rowland (bass/vocals), and Mark Lierly (drums)—have distilled the last decade of music and touring know-how into songs that have an undeniable urgency. Forgotten Days demonstrates Pallbearer’s considerable restraint, where riffs sing out with character and feeling instead of being folded into impenetrable complex shapes. Today, Pallbearer defies categorization while appealing to the tenets of the very genre that now considers the group's oeuvre as crucial and influential. Forgotten Days is proof of that and solidifies their place as one of the most creative and talented rock bands in the modern pantheon.
Pallbearer Website
Pallbearer @ Bandcamp
Pallbearer @ Deezer
Pallbearer @ Facebook
Pallbearer @ Instagram
Pallbearer @ Spotify
Pallbearer @ Twitter
Pallbearer @ YouTube


Elder Elder is Nicholas DiSalvo, Jack Donovan, Michael Risberg and Georg Edert.
Elder is a genre-pushing rock band that melds heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes. Formed in a small coastal town in Massachusetts in the mid aughts, the band has reinvented their sound over the course of five albums to grow from a stalwart of the stoner/doom scene into one of the most unique voices in the rock underground. Their long-scale compositions unfold as journeys, running the gamut of styles from the 70’s to the present within a single song with a penchant for “sheer gatefold-era grandeur” (Rolling Stone).
By continuing to incorporate new elements to their sound, Elder’s output has repeatedly set benchmarks for their peers. Beginning with 2008’s Elder and 2010’s Dead Roots Stirring, Elder made ripples in the stoner rock scene with their uniquely melodic approach to the genre. In 2015 they surprised again with Lore, a watershed moment in the band’s career (recently crowned “Album of the Decade” by The Obelisk) which brought in elements of post-, prog- and space rock into the Elder sound. Despite several years of heavy touring surrounding the album, Reflections of a Floating World was released just two years later, earning a spot at the top of many best-of lists including Rolling Stone (#5, 20 Best Metal Albums Of 2017), Stereogum and others.
In 2019, a tour pitstop in Berlin, Germany yielded the experimental EP The Gold & Silver Sessions. Recorded live based off ideas largely crafted while on the road, the release showcased Elder’s softer side; motorik beats, lush keyboards and sparse compositions replaced the usual colossal riffs and dense structure. Almost a decade and a half after the first sludgy riffs were recorded and the first demo pressed, the door for Elder stylistically remained wide open.Elder’s new album Omens answers any speculation about new directions with affirmation: evolution or extinction. Lush, intricately interwoven melodies grow and dissolve into spaced-out jams; massive riffs thunder down into a churning sea of psychedelic sounds and unpredictable grooves carry away the listener. Elder paint pictures with their music, and Omens shows the band experimenting with an even more colorful palette – with good reason. After thirteen years, this is the first full-length recorded with a new lineup including guitarist Michael Risberg and new drummer Georg Edert, along with guest performances by Fabio Cuomo on Rhodes piano and synthesizers.
Elder Website
Elder @ Bandcamp
Elder @ Deezer
Elder @ Facebook
Elder @ Instagram
Elder @ Spotify
Elder @ YouTube


Irist Irist was formed in the summer of 2015 by Pablo Davila (guitar) and best friend Bruno Segovia (bass). Originally from Argentina and Chile, the twosome brought on fellow Atlantans Adam Mitchell (guitar) and Jason Belisha (drums). But Irist wouldn’t become Irist until vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho (vocals), a Brazilian, joined the fold. It was then, after measured improvement as songwriters and an extended courtship with renowned A&R man Monte Conner, that Irist inked the Nuclear Blast deal and the rest is history.
While there are vestiges of the group’s pan-South American heritage (from Andean music to heroes Sepultura) throughout Order of the Mind, the band’s collective influences come from all parts of the heavy spectrum. From The Melvins, Ratos de Porão, and Alice in Chains to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Soundgarden, and Converge, Irist fold in, twist fervently, and scorch their faves until they’re decidedly protean and uniquely a product of the fivesome’s songwriting prowess. Irist have an uncanny ability to write songs—massive songs—that are absurdly memorable and super-charged. At once a representative of contemporary anxiety and old-fashioned aggression, Order of the Mind is hewn from the very same things that made Sepultura’s Chaos A.D., Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes, Mastodon’s Crack the Skye, and Gojira’s The Way of All Flesh so timeless and irrepressibly great. In short, Irist’s debut, Order of the Mind, is a must-hear.
Irist Website
Irist @ Bandcamp
Irist @ Facebook
Irist @ Instagram
Irist @ Spotify
Irist @ Twitter

28.09.2022 - Pallbearer (USA), Elder (USA), Irist (USA) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 30.09.2022
Eruption (Slo) Release Show + Sarcasm (Slo) & Tytus (Ita)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 12 €
Cena vstopnice na dan koncerta: 15 €
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ERUPTION - Apokalipsa ni nujno slaba stvar. Starogrški koren besede pomeni razodetje. Vsak konec tako ni nujno slab, vedno prinese nekaj novega. To je tudi koncept našega novega albuma ''Tellurian Rupture''. Poguba, katastrofe, konci imperijev in ponovno rojstvo, vzpon narave in nenehno spreminjanje kozmosa. Novi album, celotno paleto čustev od besa, obupa, strahu in vedno tudi upanja, vam bomo v Ortu predstavili v celoti. Seveda pa ne bomo pozabili tudi na skladbe iz naših prejšnjih izdaj. Pridružite se nam v večeru epskega thrasha.
SARCASM - Legende domačega thrash metala ne potrebujejo posebnega uvoda. Njihov prvenec Crematory, ki je izšel daljnega leta 1989, še danes velja za enega najmočnejših domačih thrash metal izdaj. Vse od vrnitve leta 2002 pa se band ni ustavil. Brezkompromisno ruši naprej. V veliko čast nam je, da bo band, ki je v Sloveniji vse skupaj začel, začetek konca sveta praznoval z nami.
TYTUS - Večer bodo otvorili odlični italijanski speed/heavy metalci Tytus. Za seboj imajo dva odlična albuma, Rises in Rain After Drought, v kratkem pa pričakujemo njihov tretji album. Skupina se v Slovenijo rada vrača, na odru Orto Bara pa se bodo tokrat predstavili prvič. Njihovega nastopa ne gre zamuditi.
Vstopnice so že na voljo!


Eruption ERUPTION is a Slovene metal band that unites the legacy of speed, thrash and classic metal, forming it into their own unique sound. The band was formed in late 2004. They are known for menacing riffs, hard hitting beats, soaring vocals and killer live shows!
Grega - Guitars
Gregor - Guitars
Nika - Bass
Ivan - Drums
Klemen - Vocals
Eruption @ Bandcamp
Eruption @ Facebook
Eruption @ Instagram
Eruption @ Twitter
Eruption @ YouTube


Sarcasm Sarcasm was formed in 1987 in the golden days of thrash metal in Ex-Yugoslavia. With an exeption of a few years in the 90's when we had no place to play and we took some time to sort out our lives, we've been thrashing continuously until this day.
Aleš Blaznik - guitar, vocal
Klemen Renko - guitar, vocal
Vito Stričevič - bass
Matevž Blaznik - drums
Sarcasm Website
Sarcasm @ Bandcamp
Sarcasm @ Facebook
Sarcasm @ Instagram
Sarcasm @ Spotify
Sarcasm @ Twitter
Sarcasm @ YouTube


Tytus Mark SimonHell – Guitar
Ilija Riffmeister – Voice & Guitar
Markey Moon – Bass & Backing Vocals
Frank Bardy – Drums
Tytus Website
Tytus @ Bandcamp
Tytus @ Facebook
Tytus @ Instagram
Tytus @ ReverbNation
Tytus @ SoundCloud
Tytus @ Spotify
Tytus @ YouTube

30.09.2022 - Eruption (Slo) Release Show + Sarcasm (Slo) & Tytus (Ita) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 07.10.2022
Drunk iN Public Punk Rock Show: 20 Years of Backstage (Slo) & Multiball (Slo) with special guests Lim Smrad in Žila (Slo) & Not Looking Pretty (Slo)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 18h
Cena prvih 50 vstopnic v predprodaji: 11 €
Cena vstopnice v predprodaji: 13 €
Rezervacij NI!
Kupi vstopnico!
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Drunk iN Public Punk Rock Show!
Saj ni res, pa je! Backstage in Multiball ga žgejo že 20 let, 20 fakin let! V ta namen pripravljajo prav posebno koncertno presenečenje v veliki prenovljeni dvorani Orto Bara. Na odru bodo tudi panksi iz Lublane - Lim Smrad in Žila & Not Looking Pretty!
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Let's get Drunk iN Public with Backstage, Multiball, Lim Smrad in Žila & Not Looking Pretty !!!


Backstage Backstage so novodobni punk-rock band, ki obstaja od oktobra 2001. Njihovo glasbo bi bilo moč opredeliti kot mešanico punk-rocka in pop-punka. Novembra 2002 so se odpravili v studio, kjer je luč sveta ugledal njihov prvi singel Confused. Kmalu zatem so pod okriljem Mitje Okorna za omenjeni singel posneli še videospot, ki je med drugim osvojil nagrado spot meseca na Videospotnicah na nacionalni televiziji. Aprila 2004 je bila podpisana pogodba z Nika records, fantje pa so se maja odpravili nazaj v studio in posneli svoj prvenec Backstage, ki je izšel jeseni 2004. Izdajo albuma je promoviral spot za pesem Misel Nate, ki ga je ponovno režiral Mitja Okorn. Sledila je klubska turneja po Sloveniji, med katero so obiskali tudi nekaj večjih odrov in festivalov. Odpravili so se tudi v tujino, med koncerti, ki so jih tam imeli, pa velja še posebej omeniti najodmevnejše: koncert z Beatsteaks v Zagrebu, festival Aerodrome v Avstriji, Viva la Pola v Puli in Popkomm v Berlinu. Še vedno so sledili svojim sanjam in posneli še drugo studijsko ploščo z naslovom Trends are changing, ki jo sestavlja 12 spevnih in tekočih punk-rock pesmi. Album je izšel pod okriljem založb Kapa records in Nika records. Pozitivni odzivi kritikov albuma in kvalitetni nastopi v živo so skupino pripeljali do sodelovanja z booking agencijo Roadshock, ki jim je priskrbela kar nekaj nastopov po Avstriji in Nemčiji. Novembra 2007 so se z njihovo pomočjo podali na tri tedensko turnejo po Južnoafriški republiki. Po vrnitvi iz Afrike so najprej posneli singel Trust, nato pa je sledil daljši premor. Konec leta 2008 se je skupini s kitaro pridružil Tomaž, kmalu zatem pa še Andrej. S prihodom obeh so poleg dveh kitar razširili tudi vokalne aranžmaje v štiriglasno petje. V oktobru 2009 so posneli prvi singel v sveži zasedbi, z naslovom Dougcajt. Komad je kmalu osvojil radijske postaje, lestvice in popevko tedna na Valu 202. V januarju 2010 so v prostorih RTV SLO, posneli videospot za singel Bitter End z uvodnikom Borisa Kopitarja. V maju so sledile Križanke z punk legendami Niet. Konec leta so zaključili z izdajo tretjega studijskega albuma z naslovom Independent. Plošča vsebuje deset skladb, med drugim, poleg omenjenih Dougcajt in Bitter end, tudi singla v slovenščini; Nov dan, nov svet in Kadar v mojih mislih si, ki sta postala popevka tedna na Valu 202. V letu 2011 so poleg številnih koncertov po Sloveniji nastopili na festivalu Punk Rock Holiday na katerem so si delili oder z legendarnimi NOFX in The Toasters.
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Multiball Formed in 2001, Multiball have played more than a 100 shows through-out Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy and Croatia in only two years and released their debut album »At last!« in 2004. After a few changes in the lineup, the current lineup is together since the fall of 2004. It includes Gregor on guitar and vocals, Jan on drums, Enzo on bass guitar and Goran on guitar. After their debut album, the band found themselves on the road again playing and supporting bands like the Beatsteaks, Strung out, Good Riddance...
In the summer of 2005, the band went in the studio, recording a more mature sounding second album »Endless Journey«, which is a concept album with a wide ranging slew of songs. It came out on Cela Pametna Založba in Slovenia and on Indelirium records in Italy.The band was featured in the June 2006 issue of Metal Hammer magazine in the Incoming section and has played a live show on the Slovenian national radio station. Once again, the release of the record was followed by more shows and a tour of Slovenia together with labelmates Leaf-Fat.
In 2007 the band took part in the Punk Is Dead tour together with bands like Vanilla Sky, 3 Feet Smaller and Guadalajara, also bringing the otherwise Austrian tour to Slovenia. At this time, the band also became a member of the Arcadia agency from Vienna. In the summer of 2007, the band played a great deal of festivals all over Austria, Germany and Slovenia, among them the Two days a week festival in Wiesen, supporting the likes of Turbonegro, Dinosaur Jr., and the Draft.
Since december 2007, the band is hard at work on their upcoming third record "The days that follow", which is slated for release in the february of 2009 and they are not playing as much as in the past year.
But eventhough they are busy, they had one remarkable appearance in 2008. In June they supported punk rock favorites Bad Religion.
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Lim Smrad in Žila Panksi iz Lublane, iz Centra, iz Bežigrada, iz Šiške!
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07.10.2022 - Drunk iN Public Punk Rock Show: 20 Years of Backstage (Slo) & Multiball (Slo) with special guests Lim Smrad in Žila (Slo) & Not Looking Pretty (Slo) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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PETEK, 14.10.2022
Noctiferia (Slo), Armaroth (Slo), Siderean (Slo)

Orto Bar, Ljubljana
Začetek: 19h
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Po skoraj dvajsetih letih organizacije Dirty Skunks koncertov, je skrajni čas, da se NOCTIFERIA predstavi tudi na dihurskem odru in za njih primernimi gosti, ki bodo prepričali tudi najzahtevnejše poslušalce te ekstremne godbe.
Inštitucija slovenske metal scene, NOCTIFERIA, po predolgem zatišju ponovno spet v Ljubljani. V živo, v prenovljeni Orto Hali na velikem odru Orto Bara.
Pridružili se jim bodo psihadelični death metal kirurgi Armaroth in astralni death metal virtuozi Siderean.
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Noctiferia Since the beginning of the Ljubljana underground Noctiferia has been spreading its unique style of the Slovenian Extreme Metal Movement. Few could predict what the band and its members would mean for the whole scene in the years to come. Today, just as it sometimes seems that the artists have drained all genres of originality and that all the new musical styles have already been discovered, here comes Noctiferia, bringing something fresh, a style that is uniquely theirs. Their fifth studio album will present Noctiferia at its best up to date!
In 1997, there were not many active bands in Slovenia, or other parts of Balkan. Noctiferia started breaking new ground, proving that nothing, either origin or anything else, can not stop you if there is enough will and determination. Despite being bound to a southern European scene Noctiferia broke off that chain and followed their own path. For a long time. Noctiferia was the only Slovenian metal band surviving all the bad and good times.
The founding members, Igor Nardin (guitars) and Uros Lipovec (bass), started recording demos and soon they recorded their debut album in 1997 – Baptism At Savica Fall. If we listen to this album today, we can easily say that at that time, Noctiferia represented probably the only black pagan metal band with flutes and themes that became popular some 10 years after. Yes, Noctiferia is before the time. Their debut was reviewed 4/5 in the Kerrang magazine and the doors for the band opened. First, Noctiferia toured with many foreign artists that started performing in Balkan, with Baptism At Savica Fall album they shared stages with Enslaved, Cannibal Corpse, Absu, Rotting Christ, Deicide, Dark Funeral, Marduk. They recorded a list of cool underground sessions.
In 2002, after their second studio album Per Aspera was released in Slovenia, they embarked on their first European Tours- with Marduk/ Kataklysm/ Immolation. In 2003, Per Aspera was released by the Arctic music group worldwide. Per Aspera was an obvious progression of the band. They changed their old school pagan black metal into very technical extreme death black metal and the reviews for Per Aspera were amazing. Gianni Poposki stepped in as a main vocalist. The album and the single Fond Of Lies was charted at #1 for entire 8 weeks on Slovenian National TV. Noctiferia toured Europe with Malevolent Creation in 2003 and same year with Immolation and Aborted. They became a cult for the Slovenian underground, but it was time to change the nature again. They were the headliners (after Danzig) at the first edition of the Metalcamp festival 04, Tolmin, Slovenia and this is where they met with Peter Tägtgren.
The band started working on their third album Slovenska Morbida. They entered a well-known Slovenian Studio in 2006 and started recording Slovenska Morbida. This was a different album, full of different cultural influences from female vocals, unknown sounds for metal and strange national instruments. The band flew to Sweden to The Abyss studio and started mixing the album with Peter Tägtgren. The album did well in the extreme underground and received excellent reviews. Two videos were recorded for this album and both got great airplay, video Mara charted on the MTV Adria charts and many sold out shows over the Southern Europe followed. The album was promoted with several tours- two UK tours with Hypocrisy, a couple of shows with Cradle of Filth and Pain, two appearances at the Metalcamp's main stage, a co-headlined metal stage at Wave Gothic Treffen, a headlined metal stage at the Exit festival, opened for In Flames and Dimmu Borgir. Slovenska Morbida was re-released for GAS market by Danse Macabre in 2008 with 3 bonus tracks in German. The South-Eastern European tour with Samael and Keep of Kalessin in January 09 was the last under the mark of Slovenska Morbida. In cooperation with the Master of Metal, their debut Baptism At Savica Fall with complete demo collections was released in 2007 and completely sold out. After that period the band felt that with a new drummer Mathias Gergeta stepping in the line-up, the new approach was needed. They turned back to the technical Per Aspera style and mixed that with the power of Slovenska Morbida.
The process of recording Death Culture started in 2008 when the band worked on the preproduction in Switzerland with Mass of Samael. In beginning of 2009 Noctiferia entered DB Recordings studio with a talented producer Dalibor Strniša. Once the material had been prepared, it was send to Peter Tägtgren's The Abyss Studios and Peter started working on it just while working with Overkill, Dark Funeral and Immortal. In order to get the maximum possible quality of the recording, Peter suggested to send it to the Black Lounge studio for the mastering, where Jonas Kjellgren delivered the final blow of Death Culture. The cooperation Noctiferia- Peter Tagtgren- Jonas Kjellgren turned out as the best combination and its result- Death Culture speaks for itself. In first days of 2010 Noctiferia signed a worldwide deal with Listenable Records who released Death Culture in March 2010.
Same year album was nominated at Metal Storm's best industrial album of the year 2010 (won 2nd place in company of Fear Factory, Killing Joke, The Young Gods, Blind Guardian, Triptykon...)
In October 2011 Noctiferia got deal with Artworx merchandising from Germany and toured as exclusive support through Europe with swedish metal giants IN FLAMES. Tour lasted over 20 days and Noctiferia performed in front of more than 50.000 people on that tour.
Same year Noctiferia was invited by Castrol oil company to be featured in their promo video and to use song “Slavedriver” as a soundtrack. Also song “Demoncracy” was and will be also used in Slovenian movie Exit (2013) and in English movie The King’s Men (2014).
In summer of 2012 the band performed at Bloodstock festival (UK) and later same year at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana at National Athlete of the year award ceremony which was broadcasted live over national TV. First time in history an extreme metal band performed two songs live for president of Slovenia and other VIP persons of the country.
In early 2013 Noctiferia was featured in VICTORJI annual ceremony, Slovenian version of Grammy’s.
In 2014 Noctiferia released their fifth studio album PAX. the release was supported with balkan tour, China tour (where Noctiferia performed as first slvenian band ever) and with performance at Wacken Open Air 2015 where they also performed as fisrt sloveninan band ever!
In 2015 NOCTIFERIA was invited to perform an acoustic set live on national radio RTV SLO.
Seeing as the group apparently has no difficulties switching styles, it responded to the challenge of the legendary “Unplugged” (Izštekani) radio show on Val 202.
The band stripped songs from its last three albums into acoustic versions, changing their sound and arrangements and shuffling them into various genres – even jazz, gypsy swing and country – or peppering them with Spanish temperament. Enhanced by a horn section, a string quartet and female vocals. Due to the great response of audience band decided to record newly arranged songs for their next studio album.
As a result band released completly acoustic record under the name TRANSNATURA in 2016 and as double LP in 2017.
In 2018 band started working on next studio album 'Reforma - tribute to Laibach'. The album will feature 7 re-makes of legendary Slovenian avant-garde act Laibach. Album also features three famous special guest (David Vincent, Attila Csihar, Jorgen Munkeby), renowned visual artist (Valnoir of Metastazis) and award winning producer (Henrik Udd)!
Album is planned to be released May 2021.
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Armaroth Armaroth je petglava entiteta, ki prebiva nekje v obskurnem podzemlju Kranja. Od prvih zapisov iz leta 2008, pa do danes, se je bend vzpostavil kot ena najbrutalnejših sil slovenske metal scene. Po demu Burning Execution (2010), ki je prave podvige šele nakazoval, je band leta 2013 izdal EP False Vision, ki je visoko čislan tako med podporniki, kot med recenzisti. Jeseni 2015 sta bend okrepila Rok Lukavečki na bobnih in Vid Pobegajlo na bas kitari. Leto kasneje sta najprej izšla singla Diamox in Deep Of Throats, ki sta napovedala težko pričakovani prvenec ZENITH. Ta je izšel decembra 2016 in bil odlično sprejet kot nekaj svežege in izvirnega na metal sceni. Čeprav Armaroth najraje ustvarja v svojem betonskem brlogu, pa svoj pravi obraz pokaže šele, ko zavzame oder. S svojo naravno karizmo in odrsko prezenco, bend zastruplja in zapeljuje občinstvo. Band je oborožen z izredno glasno in precizno ritem sekcijo, mastnimi in sprevženimi kitarskimi riffi ter psihadeličnimi vložki, na čelu pa rohnijo trije peklenski vokali, ki se jim uklanjajo strahovi sami.
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Siderean Astral Death Metal

Jan Brišar – vocals
David Kocmur – guitar
Darian Kocmur- drums
Lovro Babič – bass guitar
Matija Dolinar – guitar
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14.10.2022 - Noctiferia (Slo), Armaroth (Slo), Siderean (Slo) @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana

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